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Professional stone cleaning service

We use wet blasting and sandblasting methods

Stone cleaning and restoration services

LMBlasting provides professional stone cleaning and restoration services in Derby and Hertfordshire. 

We specialize in stone restoration using blast cleaning methods that allow us to effectively remove layers of old paint, tarnish, soot, and dirt. By utilizing these techniques, we can reveal the original splendor of stonework. Whether you need to prepare the surface for a new paint job or another finish requiring clean preparation, our stone cleaning services have got you covered.


You can call us and we will provide you with freestone cleaning quotation.

Sandblasting stone cleaning


Sandblasting stone cleaning, also known as sandblasting stone restoration, is a process where an abrasive material is forcefully directed onto a surface using high pressure. This method is employed for various purposes, including cleaning, texturing, and restoring stone surfaces. 

Working Principle:

  • Sandblasting is carried out using either compressed air or a centrifugal wheel that propels the abrasive material.

  • This stream of abrasives is directed onto the surface with high pressure.

  • The process can utilize different media, including steel shot, sand, glass beads, plastic particles, and even baking soda.



  • Cleaning: Removes contaminants, old paint, rust, and other unwanted coatings from the stone surface.

  • Texturing: Allows for the creation of textures, engravings, and reliefs on the stone.

  • Restoration: Revives old or damaged stone surfaces, giving them a fresh appearance.



  • Minimal Impact: The process only affects the surface of the object, minimizing material intrusion.

  • Adjustability: The level of abrasion can be easily adjusted based on the task.

  • Safety: The method is safe for the base material.


Sandblasting stone cleaning is a powerful tool for rejuvenating and enhancing stone surfaces. It preserves the natural beauty of the stone while addressing flaws and impurities.


Residential Stone Cleaning Services

1. Surface Assessment and Preparation:

  • Our skilled technicians begin by assessing the stone surfaces in your residential property. We identify the type of stone (such as marble, granite, limestone, or slate) and evaluate their condition.

  • Any loose debris, dirt, or stains are carefully removed to prepare the surface for cleaning.


2. Customized Cleaning Solutions:

  • We tailor our cleaning methods to suit the specific stone type and its unique characteristics. Different stones require different approaches to maintain their integrity.

  • Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions effectively remove grime, mold, mildew, and other contaminants without causing harm to the stone.


3. High-Pressure Steam Cleaning:

  • Our advanced steam cleaning equipment delivers high-pressure steam to penetrate deep into the stone pores. This process dislodges embedded dirt and lifts stains.

  • Steam cleaning is gentle yet thorough, ensuring a refreshed appearance without compromising the stone's structure.


4. Stain Removal and Sealing:


  • Stubborn stains, such as wine spills or oil marks, are treated with specialized stain removers.

  • After cleaning, we apply a premium stone sealer to protect against future staining and enhance the stone's natural beauty.


5. Polishing and Honing:

  • For polished stones (like marble), we use diamond abrasives to restore their shine. Polishing removes minor scratches and imperfections.

  • Honing is ideal for matte-finish stones (such as limestone). It smooths the surface and maintains a consistent appearance.


6. Grout Cleaning and Restoration:

  • Grout lines between stone tiles can accumulate dirt and discolor over time. We meticulously clean and restore grout lines to their original color.

  • If needed, we can reseal the grout to prevent future staining.


7. Outdoor Stone Cleaning:

  • We extend our services to outdoor stone surfaces, including patios, walkways, and pool decks.

  • Regular cleaning prevents moss growth, algae buildup, and weather-related wear.


Historic/Heritage Stone Cleaning Services


Our specialized Historic/Heritage Stone Cleaning Services cater to the unique needs of historic buildings and structures under conservation. Whether it's a centuries-old cathedral, a stately manor, or an iconic monument, we understand the importance of preserving their original beauty while adhering to strict conservation guidelines.

Understanding the Context

Historic Buildings: These architectural treasures hold cultural, historical, and architectural significance. Our approach respects their heritage value.

Conservation: We work closely with conservationists, architects, and historians to ensure our cleaning methods align with preservation goals.

Elements of Historic Building

  • Surface Coatings Removal: Our expertise lies in removing various surface coatings without compromising the integrity of the stone. These coatings may include:

  • Oil and Grease: Accumulated over time, these substances can dull the stone's appearance.

  • Vermin Staining: Historic buildings often bear signs of bird droppings, insect nests, and other organic stains.

  • Graffiti: Unwanted graffiti can mar the aesthetics of heritage structures.

  • Biological Matter: Moss, algae, and lichen growth can deteriorate the stone.


Removal of organic substances 

Organic matter such as algae, fungi, and lichen can negatively affect the appearance and durability of various surfaces. Our sandblasting method guarantees 100% removal of all types of organic matter.


  • Guaranteed removal: We are confident in the result and ensure the complete removal of formations.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Our method is environmentally friendly.

  • Prevention of re-formation: After treatment, we recommend applying a protective coating.

We clean all the stones!

Marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, slate, ceramic tile, concrete and many more

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