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Stone cleaning and restoration

Clean & restore your stone

At LM Blasting, we specialize in stone cleaning using blast cleaning methods that allow us to effectively remove layers of old paint, tarnish, soot, and dirt. By utilizing these techniques, we can reveal the original splendor of stonework. Whether you need to prepare the surface for a new paint job or another finish requiring clean preparation, our stone cleaning services have got you covered.

What sets us apart is that our blast cleaning methods do not damage the original stone. This makes it one of the most suitable and effective restoration methods, particularly for heritage buildings that require delicate treatment. We take pride in our ability to handle both commercial and residential stone cleaning projects with the utmost care and expertise.

Please note that while we cover both commercial and residential work, we do not handle small metal items such as car parts or bicycles. Trust LM Blasting to provide comprehensive stone cleaning and metal sandblasting solutions, delivering exceptional results for all your surface restoration needs.

Our other services

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