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Metal cleaning and preparation

Industrial & domestic metal sandblasting

Clean & prepare your metal surfaces

At LM Blasting, we specialize in metal preparation using various abrasives to ensure optimal cleaning and surface readiness for repainting. Our arsenal includes abrasives such as sand, steel shots, grit, and glass beads, which effectively remove oil, dirt, mill scale, rust, and previous coatings from metal and steel surfaces.

The choice of abrasive depends on the specific requirements of the project. Less aggressive abrasives are used to remove most soils without causing excessive damage to the metal, while more aggressive abrasives are employed for stubborn rust cases. However, it should be noted that these aggressive abrasives may leave a visible texture on the metal or steel surface.

We cater to both commercial and residential projects, providing comprehensive metal sandblasting services. However, please note that we do not handle small metal items such as car parts, gates, or bicycles.

With our metal preparation services, you can trust us to restore your metal and steel surfaces to their optimal condition, ensuring they are clean, free from contaminants, and ready for the next step, whether it's repainting or any other finishing treatment.

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