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brick cleaning service
Brick cleaning


Unlike some cleaning methods, sandblast cleaning does not damage the original brickwork, making it the best method of restoration for heritage buildings. We cover both commercial and residential work.


For brick cleaning, whether you're a property owner, developer or contractor, if you know your stuff, you'll know that blast cleaning is the best way to improve the appearance of a property.


Using blast cleaning methods, we can remove layers of old paint and tarnish to restore brick work to its original splendour or prepare the surface for a new paint job.




stone cleaning service
Stone & concrete cleaning

We use a number of different abrasives, including sand, steel shots, grit and glass beads to remove oil, dirt, mill scale, rust and previous coatings from metal and steel. In addition to cleaning, metal sandblasting can be used to prepare a surface for repainting.


The type of abrasive used depends on what needs to be achieved. Less aggressive abrasives will remove most soils without cutting too deeply into the metal. More aggressive abrasives can be used for stubborn cases of rust. However, these tend to leave a visible texture on the metal or steel surface.


We cover both commercial and residential work but do not do small metal items such as car parts or bicycles.

wood sandblasting service
Beam/wood cleaning & restoration

Beam cleaning is achieved by sandblasting heavily painted beams and is by far the best way to clean them.


What can take you weeks with chemical paint stripping or wire cupping techniques, we can achieve in a matter of hours.


Sandblasting will leave you with nice, clean timber that's ready to take any insecticidal treatments or sealants. What's more, freshly blasted woodwork shows the real beauty of wooden beams and adds considerably to the value of your home.


Sandblasting is the most effective and affordable way of cleaning your beams, but it should be pointed out that work of this kind is very dusty. It should be carried out at the early stages of renovation.


We cover both commercial and residential work.

steel container after cleaning
Metal cleaning & preparation

Stone cleaning using blast cleaning methods, allows us to remove layers of old paint. Tarnish, soot and dirt can be blasted away to reveal stone work to its original splendor. Stone Cleaning can prepare the surface for a new paint job or another finish requiring clean preparation.


Unlike some stone cleaning methods, blast cleaning does not damage the original stone. This makes it one of the best methods of restoration for heritage buildings.


We cover both commercial and residential work.

stone wall before after cleaning
Paint removal

Whatever the circumstances. Whatever the surface. Working inside or outside. On wood, stone, brick, metal or steel. Whether you want to restore your surface to its former glory or prepare it for repainting. The solution is blast cleaning. We can use a range of blasting techniques to remove years' worth of paint.


When taking on paint removal projects, it's important to know what you're doing. Choosing the right pressure setting and abrasive medium is essential to ensure the paint is removed without damaging the original brickwork.


We are able to use sandblasting to remove layers upon layers of limewash and distemper. However, chemical removal is essential for certain types of plasticised paint. This is why the site survey we offer is so vital. We need to determine the exact process required.


We cover both commercial and residential work.

wood prep service
Why sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a form of abrasive blasting. We use an air compressor to clean paintwork or signs of ageing off of beams, brick, stone and metal work.


Used to refurbish the inside or outside of properties, it is also one of the most effective forms of graffiti removal and is the preferred method for regular maintenance of heritage sites. This is because it does not damage delicate brickwork in the way that some chemical cleaning methods have been known to, so heritage buildings can be brought back to their original splendor.


Our team of experts have had over 30 years of experience. We handle major commercial, public sector and industrial sandblasting contracts and have helped thousands of customers, including homeowners and heritage organisations, bring their buildings back to original finish.


We cover public sector, commercial and residential sandblasting work.

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